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Serving East County San Diego for Over 25 Years

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Our Worker’s Compensation Expertise

Joel Geller has been a leading expert in Worker’s Compensation claims for over 25 years. Representing the East County of San Diego, he has helped so many San Diegans sucessfully get their due. Joel knows that YOU are the one who deserves a just settlement, and he will fight for you throughout the entire process.


Injury Setlements

Your Injury should not prevent you from living your life.


Lump Sum Settlements

There are several types of lump sum payments available and we work hard to make sure you are getting all of the benefits you are entitled to.


Worker's Compensation

Worker’s Compensation is basically made up of three benefits: disability payments, medical treatment, and vocational retraining. We make sure you are getting what you need.

Workplace Settlements

Workplace Settlements may or may not be connected to a worker’s compensation claim. We help you determine the best course of action.

Injury Claims

Injury Claims can be unrelated to a work injury. You may have experienced an accident not your fault. We specialize in injury claims.

Insurance Recovery

Sometimes it is necessary to recover from insurance companies and or insurance settlements. This where we come in.

Joel M Geller Law Offices Recent Case Settlements

Janis Kent vs.

Luce Forward

Settled for $95,900.00 (Third Party)

Deborah Malaise vs.

Norhtrop Gruman

Settled for $288,000.00

Sean Weatherford vs.


Settled for $404,161.66

Jimmy Guardado vs.

Builderstaff Aggregates Equipment

Settled for $2,150,000.00

John Marion vs.

US Sentry Insurance

Settled for $181,537.00

Nancy Bright vs.

Zurich North America

Settled for $100,000.00

Hayes Harper vs.

Coffman Specialties

Settled for $120,000.00 (Third Party)

Eric Ford vs.

Department of Social Services

Settled for $100,000.00

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I give Joel Geller five stars because he deserves them. His knowledge of current and applicable workers compensation law is second to none. Extreme changes in state law have been most favorable to the employers ,insurance and the state.

Joel knows what it takes to get the job done when it seems to be stacked against you. Be patient because I will tell you that, “My goals were fully met in a reasonable amount of time”. I am happy I hired Joel Geller.

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